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Experts In Crowdfunding PR & Social Media Relations

Awareness building through strong network

Our full-service capabilities allow us to handle every step of the process completely in-house, from discovery and strategy to manufacturing social media and public relations.

Social Media building &
Connecting to Influencers

Digitized way to reach a larger picture is through social media and influencers to form a group and promote the drive from the larger scale and audiences.

Marketing professionals and promotional ads

We market in a way that holds the larger digital market. We start focusing on facebook by running ads and promotional funnels. Google ads is another expertise, making sure the ads give the maximum online fundraising .

Email Marketing

Email marketing is one best fundraising idea with promotional emails. Email is the wicket stamp and we make it firm and 3 Basic promotion ways to raise money. We focus on 100 % accuracy and that is why we create a promotional section for the hero to attract funds. Kickstarter forum is on that comes in our service. Referral programs by the help of Indiegogo. Heavy ads running  is the final stop. We make the road to raise money easy.

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