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Give us a project, we create the design

Get a better taste of your Campaign Copy

Getting the right words is a pain!! Is this You??
Get from us the experience of campaign copies that hold the eyes of communities.

From Kickstarter/ Indiegogo account setting to campaign launch we got your back

What are we going to cover?

We create a bucket of the campaign. We focus on every detail that relates to the campaign from written pitch with unique fundraising ideas , infographics to the reward section of the page. Overall we make sure that every corner of the campaign grabs kickstarter funds.

Content Pitch Writing

Getting ready the
pitch copy.

We batch create the copy and structure it for different stages of the campaign. We keep it simple and audience friendly so that people get a hold of the motto with unique fundraising ideas .

Infographics and
Gif Designs.

The best graphic is an add-on to the project. What if we assure you to create unique and contrasting templates. We research the best fundraising campaign and give a touch with our infographics and gifs.


Is it hard for you to add prizes? Here we are making it easy through dimensional structure to convert it for your campaign and easy fundraiser. We carefully look upon the prices format and transcribe it in early bird access and regular prices. We give prior to add-ons and value packs to make your campaign surplus. You need the drill and we gave acceleration to it.

Video Formatting Zone

In some of the projects, Video Photoshoot plays 30% role in campaign success.

How do you expect to create crowdfunding campaign?

Simply with pitch and promotion. We add here one more pie for you, by creating short video formats of your campaign to have a better drive. We process high-definition and higher resolution video systems to make your  movement. The animation and WordPress Friendly design is our only motto.

Raise Your Fund with Us

Launch Your
Crowdfunding Campaign.

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